Tuesday, 15 February 2011

It's Empty so We'll Fill It!

Oh, God. The laundry bin is full AGAIN. Don’t you just hate that? Especially when you emptied it the day before.

My laundry bin is rather large. It has to be with six people living in this house. If I miss just one day of doing laundry, I know all about it. The dirty clothes spill over the sides and end up on the floor. Yesterday I did eight wash loads. Granted, two of them were bedding from five beds, but come on! Six general loads just because I wrote Sunday and didn’t do laundry?

Now this morning I see it’s full again. Spilling over full. Even if all six of us put our clothes in there from yesterday, plus our nightwear, it should only be half full. Yeah, the bin is that big. I can only surmise people in this house haven’t been putting their dirty washing in the bin. Bedroom floors spring to mind. So when the washbin has been emptied, they go and refill it.

I must have relations who like to fill things once they’re empty, in manic-like fashion. Sort of: Quick! There’s an empty receptacle! Fill, fill, fill!

I say this because yesterday I also emptied the kitchen and bathrooms bins.

Both. Are. Nearly. Full. Again.


*I shall now return to my regular schedule of putting up a couple of reviews then doing some writing.*

(Breathe, Em. Breaaaaaathe!)


C. Zampa said...

Laundry, yuck. Good luck with that!

Natalie Dae said...

I've ignored it, CZ. Busied myself with making a new website instead. Ended up getting pissed off. So I think I'll write for a bit later to make me feel better.