Free Read - Love Quest

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Born a Hinka witch on the plain of Oricitis, Megan Kristie’s sole existence is to practise the art of erotica. However, Megan isn’t like other Hinkas. She has an inner jester that prevents her from conforming to the rules.

Hinkas visit Earth to learn new ways of erotica and return to Oricitis to share their knowledge. Megan has one last Earth mission left before she can participate in the ultimate Oricitis rite: to share the Goddessa Hinka’s bed. She has been granted permission to take on a new Earth identity and live as a human, complete with a past, a job, and weird parents. There is one clause: that at the end of her last Earth mission, she must return to Oricitis. For good.

Able to relax and completely be herself on Earth, her existence as Megan has been completely erased from her mind. Now Clarissa Fielding, she’s a single woman on the search for romance. She gives herself one week to find the man of her dreams, resulting in hilarious mishaps. Zany Clarissa finds love in the most unconventional way and finally feels her life is complete.

But will Goddessa Hinka come to collect her? And will Clarissa have to return to Oricitis?