Soul Keeper

"Whew! Grab a fan because you're going to need to cool off after reading this short story!"

"Ms. Dae also has a way of showing you how much fun it can be to have such an encounter, by throwing in some of the steamiest sex scenes I’ve read."

"This short story is packed with steamy scenes while still capturing the emotion they both feel. Natalie Dae was able to capture emotion that I have even found longer stories lacking. She weaves a tale that is a modern day fairytale that most can relate to."

"I loved the mix of pure romance and hot, naughty erotica. The innocence and naughty blend kept me reading more and wanting more."

"What an incredible new author. Beautifully written, incredibly HOT. YUM. Can't wait for more from Natalie Dae. Whew...fetch my fan please!"

"This was one, HOT, beautiful love story. A must read. Natalie Dae pens a story of trust, love, and exceptionally hot sex. Well Done."

"Way, way hot! Excellent read with a hero who is too sweet and sexy to be believed!"

"The romp in the field was...whew... Yeah, it was that hot. I felt every nuance of each tryst as if I were really there. And that's a hard thing to write--the sex where the reader feels a part of the story. ...packed with heat and heart. One I won't forget."

Magenta Starling

"Dion and Morgan have a fantastic relationship early on in the story and the vivid telling of Dion’s cursed past is incredibly intriguing."

"I will look forward to reading some of Ms Dae's future work. I think she is a good writer."

"The passion and angst will keep you coming back for more.  I hope to see many more books like this from Ms. Dae in the future. "   

"Another great read by Natalie Dae. Love the connection between Morgan and Dion. Emotions run the gambit when you learn the curse Dion has had to live with. The fantasy world Ms. Dae built was well written and fun. Ths is the second book of Ms. Dae's I've read and loved. I look forward to more. Well done."

"I read this book in one sitting. The author has an incredibly unique voice with an amazing turn of phrase. The descriptions blew me away. The sex was hotter than hot, highly romantic and at the same time just wicked enough to make me grin. Dion and Morgan are so obviously in love with each other. The entire fantasy world is written so well and the lifting of the curse made me cry. This book has a really emotional feel to it as well as giving me glimpses of another world, high action and a couple of nicely done twists. This is a great fantasy novel. Anyone who reads it will want to read more from this author. I read Soul Keeper first and was absolutely WOWed by this author's style. I hope to see a lot more from Ms. Dae."

"What a talented author! Ms. Dae packs a punch with Magenta Starling. Hotter than hot sex and brilliantly written. I love her work."

His Beautiful Wench

"A very sensual and sexy story, Amelia and Emmett like to have role play, it’s hot, really hot... If you like hot historicals with a bit of present day thrown in, this is definitely the story for you! It makes me want to read more by Natalie Dae."

"I loved the grit and heart in Amelia’s character and the love Emmet showed by just loving her for her. I was rooting in the present they might find one another and begin another fantastic journey. This read is one I’ll read time and time again."

"I read Magenta Starling by Ms. Dae and really fell in love with her storytelling. She has the most unusual voice and puts you right there in the scene. So I was really looking forward to His Beautiful Wench. And Ms. Dae didn't disappoint me either. More of the same rich storytelling. The characters are painted so vividly. The emotions are so real and this is such a poignant story. I love it when a book tugs on my heart strings and my eyes mist over. And this book certainly did that. Ms. Dae gives us hope that love transcends all--including time."