Monday, 14 February 2011

The Brits

I think everyone has a favourite type of author voice that suits them for various reasons. I’ve found that I’m most at home reading Brit-voice authors. 1, because I’m a Brit, and 2, I have no trouble understanding the nuances and meanings, the way the prose flows with that unmistakeable Britishness that only another Brit can fully understand because they’ve lived hearing it all their lives. I have several US authors I love too, but today I’m talking Brit.

Since reviewing for Miz Love Loves Books, I’ve had the pleasure of finding two new-to-me Brit-voice authors who have written books that have touched me so deeply just because of that Brit voice, among other things. Prior to Miz Love, I had read M. King, whose prose wowed me beyond anything that had come before. I am a serious fan of M. King, and now I add two more Brit-voice authors to my list of those I don’t think I’ll ever tire of reading. Rachel Randall and Lynne Connolly.

These three women have given me so many wow moments, so many misty-eyed moments, all due to me feeling so at home while reading that it brought me to tears. That sounds absolutely nuts, I know that, but when someone writes how you think and speak, it kind of gives you that feeling that you belong just by reading their books.

M. King: She has a fantastic turn of phrase and plays the written word like a well-tuned instrument. She gets right into a character, digs very deep, and I love the way she tells us so much more with what she doesn’t write—she’s a “between the lines” author, where you sometimes have to use your noggin to work things out for yourself, and the reward, when you get that “Ah!” moment of seeing things how she intended, and when you spot those hidden nuggets, is priceless. My favourite book of hers is Breaking Faith. I will never forget it.

Lynne Connolly: She writes a historical romance like you wouldn’t believe. For me she is perfect in every way. The wording, the sentence patterns, the absolute perfection that comes across leaves me speechless. I have read five of her Richard and Rose series and can honestly say I don’t think I’ll ever read a historical like them. They are amazing, and her attention to detail, her lush, fantastic phrases that give images so clear you’d think you were there yourself, really do make me get goose bumps.

Rachel Randall: What can I say but oh my goodness. This author’s voice is something I grew up hearing. London, that distinct sound, and those word choices, when strung together, took me right back into the past. My first taste of Rachel Randall was with His Christmas Present, and even though the tale itself wasn’t one designed to make the reader cry, I cried. I felt so “home”, so in my comfort zone while reading, it was as though, if I had chosen all the ingredients for the perfect author designed for me as a reader, I had found it in Rachel Randall.

Each of these women have their own distinct voice, their own patterns, their own ebbs and flows, and I love them all. So long as these three write, I will be a happy reader. I would love for you to check them out too!


Melissa Bradley said...

High praise from such a distinguished author as yourself is enough for me to check them out. :)Thanks! I'm always looking for new authors to try and I love reading an authentic Brit voice.

Rachel Randall said...


As a new(ish) erotic romance writer, I feel like I'm still trying to find my niche, so to know that my writing is really working for readers (and making them cry!!) is a fantastic feeling.

And thank you for the other recs! Obviously, I'm a fan of Brit voice myself, so it's great to have some good ones to add to the to-read list...

C. Zampa said...

One of my favorite Brit authors is Natalie Dae...oh, that's you! Seriously, you are a seriously talented author. Thanks for mentioning the others, some authors to add to my list!

By the way, I love Martina Cole, as far as Brit authors goes.

Natalie Dae said...

Melissa, try Rachel's books. An authentic Brit voice is just what you'll get!


Natalie Dae said...

Ah, you're bloody marvellous, Rachel!


Natalie Dae said...

LOL CZ. Nutter.

Martina Cole. Hmm. I used to like her until I became an editor. I won't say anything else on the subject.