About Natalie

The awesomeness I speak of is getting a contract with Ellora's Cave. I've aspired to be with them for a long time, and when I gained an acceptance, I nearly peed my pants and wanted to cry. Getting the cover for Magenta Starling was amazing, because the wonderful artist created exactly what I had in my head. Edits have been such a great laugh too. EC staff are not the scary people I imagined them to be. They have been absolutely fabulous.

I gained an acceptance on my second submission, Soul Keeper, and I cried then too. I have a third book, His Beautiful Wench, coming on November 10th 2010. Come Find Me and Black Cougar Curse, a book I co-authored with dear pal Tess MacKall, will also be coming soon. I'm writing another Quickie for EC and a novella.

I also write M/M as Sarah Masters and psychological thrillers as Charley Oweson. I'm also known as Emmy Ellis.

As the above picture says... The voices in my head come up with some fantastic plots, and I listen, write, and hope that everyone who reads my work enjoys it. My insanity is your delight (hopefully!). I write under several pen names, and as Natalie Dae I produce het erotica and romance. I prefer writing beta men and strong women, with twists and turns in the plot to up the pace and keep the interest alive.