Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Busy Bee

Oh my LORD, have I been busy. Since Friday last week I’ve been working on cover art. I like to get them done for the month so I haven’t got anything on my mind waiting to be created. A quirk of mine, because I hate to-do lists. I have a to-do list now, but it’s all writing related and nothing is pressing or has a deadline. Phew! I have the urge to write, to get a couple of books finished, but to be honest, the urge isn’t so bad that I’m at the grumpy stage. I also revamped a couple of blogs. Both turned out well, so that’s cool.

I’m behind on writing a couple of reviews, so I must get to that too. My first writing job on the list is getting my two chapters written in the new book with Jaime Samms. The Dreaming currently sits at nearly 68K, and I think we’ll reach our prediction of 80. I love that book. It’s full of weirdness and has a baddie or two, the lovers, Barry and Tag, and an abducted woman whose life changes beyond her imagining. I also need to finish my lion shifter as Sarah Masters—I think I left them hiding from the baddies outside London Zoo. The Victorian het needs finishing, and they were left in a saucy situation. My vampires were left getting ready for a fight scene. In The Dreaming, the woman now needs to act well out of character and do something she would never have contemplated before—but if she doesn’t, there are grave consequences. All such different scenarios. Only The Dreaming appeals at the moment, so tomorrow I’ll start on that.

I got a contract for a short story and saw the mock cover today, which is absolutely LUSH! Dara, the artist at Decadent is a marvel. I wrote a short story for their 1Nightstand anthology, and each book will also be sold as a standalone. Fab!

Me, Tess MacKall and Regina Carlysle have started up a newsletter. It’ll go out around the first of each month, starting February. If you’d like the scoop on what we’re up to, you can join HERE.

Well, I’m off to finish a cover today and then spend the day reading. Have a great day, loves!

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