Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Dreaded R

Rejection. Does it bother you? I can’t say I’m particularly fussed by it one way or another. I received what some may say is the dreaded R this morning and submitted it elsewhere right away. What one publisher doesn’t want, another might. Then, if it’s rejected again, it’s time to have an objective look at the book and try to figure out why it was rejected. Not all publishers have time to give feedback as to why they didn’t want your book—understandable when there are only so many hours in the day, and then if the publisher/editor gives a reason, it opens up the floodgates for an email discussion that the publisher/editor doesn’t have time for, and then the possibility of, “Oh, whyyyyyyyyy? Can you just look at my book again? He did this because of this, and she acted this way because, because, because...” Been there as an editor myself, and it can be hard to extricate yourself from this type of interaction. But, on the author side of the fence, we can be left in a quandary as to what needs changing in the rejected book. As we all know, it’s not always easy to see our own mistakes, and it isn’t until an editor points them out and we slap our foreheads that we see the glaring errors.

Still, if at first I don’t succeed...and if at second I don’t succeed...and if on the third try I don’t succeed... But on the fourth time out, that book isn’t going anywhere but my files, where I’ll let a good length of time go by before I look at it again. Of course, it may well just be utter shite and no amount of revising will help, but hey, that’s the way of things sometimes.

On another note, the big freeze that was due to arrive yesterday…didn’t. Of course it didn’t. I suspect the weatherman’s prediction will come true days after he said it would, but if I hadn’t gone food shopping yesterday, you can bet your ass it would have snowed overnight so I couldn’t get into town today. Such is life!

This morning I spent a little time creating some cover art, and now I think I need to get back to a WIP and write a fight scene I’ve been putting off. It might not be as bad as I’m thinking it will be. A new day brings new perspective and all that.

Well, that’s all from me today, loves. Hope you have a great one yourself!


Cassie Exline said...

I've complete confidence you'll overcome the big "R" from another publisher and be posting a yippee soon.

It's freezing here. The wind is howling and it's colder than a witch's boob. ;) I seriously detest winter. So far no snow to speak of, but that won't last long.

Natalie Dae said...

That would be nice, Cassie, but I'm not holding my breath. I kind of have the philosophy there are more important things to fret about. Like empty toilet rolls. I'll be writing a blog post about that on my week at Four Strong Women. Boy, do I have a rant coming! I've been holding it in for far too long...HA!

Oh bugger on the howling wind. I don't like wind or rain, so I feel for you. It's not as cold here as it was the other week. Maybe it's warming up so that shitload of snow can come down and settle.



Tess MacKall said...

It's unusually cold here in my neck of the woods and they're talking about snow for Thursday and again Saturday. Ya never know. It's a crap shoot for sure. They can build all the fancy equipment they want, but Mother Nature still has final say and she loves to tease the weather dudes and gals for sure. lol

As for your R...well, they're just out their mind, of course. lol But you're so right, anyone who has been in this business for any time at all knows that every book has just the right home and you don't always know where that is. I have no doubt your book will find a home within a week. Yep, just a wwek---cause you're that damn good.

Natalie Dae said...

LMAO Tess. The cheque for that comment is in the post...

Yep, maybe Mother Nature has decided that not only is she mighty in what she can produce, she can produce it when SHE wants to and not when they predict. A cool concept!


C. Zampa said...

I'm sorry about your "R"....but, I know what an incredible writer you are, and that you'll be showing us the cover art for this WIP before we know it.

But yours is the attitude I want to have. I've just begun in this business, and I'm sure I'll become very familiar with the big "R"....and I need to have the right otulook about it.

Stay warm! Even though it's not the big freeze, it's still bound to be very chilly!

Natalie Dae said...

It's easier to shrug it off, CZ. Fretting over the why of it only makes for stress and upset. Also easier to just know the book wasn't right for that ed or that company. I knew I'd get rejected at this place. I should really have done some research and read some of their books to get an idea of the style they're after. Silly me for not doing so before.

Yeah, it's chilly, but I'm warm inside. And despite saying I was going to write, I've been sitting on the sofa reading ebooks instead. LOL!


anny cook said...

It's easy to take it personally, but as you said, that's a pure waste of time. I always put it aside for two weeks, then have another look. Sometimes I find problems--sometimes not. If not, I send it off somewhere else.

Keep warm. Blowing fiercely here with LOOOOOOW temps. But sun is shining!

Natalie Dae said...

Yep, Anny. It's all a learning curve, something I enjoy about this business. Never a dull moment! This is a hard one to place anywhere, I think. Erotic horror isn't everyone's cup of tea.

No sun here. White sky, indicating that snow might come, and a fine rain. Pooey.