Wednesday, 10 November 2010

New Cave Release - Christie Butler

Nicole Wood has a great marriage. Love? Undying. Respect? Mutual. Sex? Amazing. Mostly.

Nicole is a free spirit, willing to try almost anything. She and her husband, famous author Cameron Wood, have an active and diverse sex life—kinky even. Her exhibitionism and his voyeurism are a perfect match. But lately, Cam seems a bit less interested. And his latest request has knocked her for a loop. He wants to watch her have sex with another man. Nicole has to admit she’s intrigued…and aroused. But she has reservations. She loves Cam and fears it might damage their relationship.

When Cam’s friend Judson Tate shows up at their mountainside home—all smoldering hunkiness and good looks—Cam seems to be pushing Nicole and Jud together. With the trio snowed in, Nicole’s defenses are wearing down. Can she do what her husband wants? Have sex with Judson while Cam watches? What about what she wants? And where will it all end?