Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Debut Day!

Today is my debut with Ellora’s Cave (too exciting!) and I’m typing this with a hair dye on my head. Oh yes, I could have done a number of more exotic things to celebrate, but to be honest, when I woke I got a case of the jitters. I’m a multi-published author in other pen names, but this name is special to me because, well, she just is. Also, being with Ellora’s was a long-time dream of mine, and to know my first book is out today is a little overwhelming. Okay, I’ll admit I cried this morning, then took myself off to a friend’s house to take my mind off the release.

So, my daughter just said, “Why’s your hair going purple?”

Purple? It’s meant to be burgundy. I looked in the mirror, and sure enough it looks a tad purple. No matter. So long as it covers the grey streak I don’t care. What’s a bit of purple among friends? And that grey streak down my parting had become so unsightly… I read the instructions to see how long I needed to keep the dye on for. It said: If they grey is abundant…

Cheeky buggers! How did they know? And yes, it’s abundant all right. And the dye is burning my head. I can only hope my hair doesn’t fall out. Now wouldn’t that be something to remember this day by?

“How did your release day go, Nat?”

“Great! I went bald!”

If you buy Soul Keeper, I really hope you enjoy it. Two more of my books are coming soon—Magenta Starling (novella) and His Beautiful Wench (novel). My editor is looking at a new novella, Come Find Me, and I’m writing another novel, so hopefully I can give you a range of books to choose from, if you so wish.

Well, I think it might be an idea to see if that abundant grey has disappeared. Though let’s pray the hair hasn’t, eh?


Juniper Bell said...

I hope your hair turned out great, and your release even better! Congratulations to you! Soul Keeper sounds wonderful.

Natalie Dae said...

Thank you!